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Monday, December 26, 2016


Here comes that damn ex-CIA strike team known as Eagle Force. It's all action and all guts by author Dan Schmidt. "Death Camp Colombia" is book two of the series and serves up our talented four-piece of doom deep inside the jungles of Colombia fighting the evil cocaine kingpin Fernando Hernandez, known as El Diablo. 

The book opens with El Diablo held captive in a Florida mansion by the DEA. He's waiting for trial and contemplating the moments of his escape. Inside is the "inside man", a DEA traitor named Jameson. This two-timer has spilled the beans to El Diablo's goons and soon the DEA is wiped the F out by Jameson, El Diablo, the goon squad and a vile henchman named Raul "El Leon" Pizarro, who's sort of that mid-level video game boss with the big sword. 

After the escape we get down to Eagle Force, mainly Vic Gabriel and crew planning on the next mission - taking out El Diablo and his angel dust empire. Vic has a mad hard-on for killed his brother and he wants payback. Big time. To get to El Diablo they need to take out a mid-level dealer in Fort Lauderdale. The group enlist the aid of an ex-DEA agent and have a beach front shoot-out with the dealer and his cronies. From there it's off to a bar where they take out even more cronies and get the details of a Colombia Death Camp being ran by El Diablo. After taking Johnny "The Falcon" Lightning prisoner, he leads the group at gunpoint to an airport where they all have another massive firefight. Eagle Force grabs a plane headed to Colombia with "The Falcon" on board. 

Next is a meeting at a whorehouse...because all men's action-adventure tales end up at a whorehouse eventually. This one was a set-up by "The Falcon" and the entire Eagle Force squad gets taken out by poisonous darts. Shit, I hate a damn poison dart fight in a brothel. Really gets the old pecker limp. From there El Diablo's crew takes Eagle Force to the Death Camp Colombia where they are beaten and locked in a cell. 

Some of the fun festivities at the death camp include whips, ropes, piranha, venomous snakes and a pit filled with piss, shit and vomit. Three guys are lowered into the pits and die horribly...although the pit that has the piss, shit and vomit in does someone die in that? The piranha pit and the snake pit...totally get that. But being submerged in a pit of piss and shit...not sure that is a life ending thing. But here, at the Death Camp Colombia, it certainly creates fatalities. 

It's just a matter of time before Vic breaks out, this time easily just reaching through the bars and squeezing a guard's face. From there it's disarm the troops time, kill them all and release the prisoners. They have a massive firefight with AK-47s and grenades and eventually El Diablo and that bloody vile henchman Pizarro die. Oh and Jameson dies too. Because he has to, right? Dirty treacherous bastard.

Much like the first book Schmidt absolutely creams the jeans with action. That's what I love about this series thus far. It's just firefight after firefight with some backstory and well developed villains. Unlike an M.I.A. Hunter book for example, these go beyond just search and rescue. Kudos to creating battles on the beach, at airports, in brothels and, of course, for delivering our heroes out of the bloody pits of in the arms of victory. 

Next up for the series is "Flight 666" which promises "terror at 37,000 feet!" Oh yeah baby.