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Sunday, June 22, 2014


"Renegade War" is book two of the "Survival 2000" trilogy created by Laurence James, writing under pen name James McPhee...that lying no good hack.

The book picks up with David and Lee chasing after Sheever and his horsemen to reclaim their family. Yikes! Joining the trip is David's girlfriend Zera (canned green beans gets them everytime!) and a doctor named Keyle (who joins the group a fourth of the way in). Much like the previous book James centers most of the action on simply getting from point A to point B with a few excursions thrown in. Here we have a grizzly attack, a whorehouse shootout and...well not much else really. But there was that whorehouse shootout. I'm starting to wonder if our boy David here has the fruitsack between his legs to really survive this whole thing. He does some really stupid stuff over the course of the book and you just have to ask yourself if Davey is really that much of an asset when the Stovetop stuffing hits the fan. I'm using this guy for guns and some ammo and moving on down the line. 

Unlike the first book, "Renegade War" fails to have an exciting climax and left me wondering if half of this book could have been tacked onto the third book of the series or just left out completely. While not a great book it was interesting enough to bridge the gap to what hopes to be a definitive and enjoyable end to David's journey. Not!