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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


The "Survival 2000" trilogy comes to an end with "Frozen Fire", the last entry of Laurence James' post-apocalyptic story line. At this point I've come to realize that the series is exactly what the title entails, "survival" as opposed to the typical "man with the biggest gun versus marauders" tale. I love that aspect of it but would still love to see some cronies get decapitated. Where's Martin Stone at man!?! Obviously the first two entries had the occasional gunfight and plenty of firearm jargon, but the central concept has always been the journey. This final chapter is no different as we see Dave, Lee and Zera move further north in their chase. A few
firefights are thrown in along the way but I found they were anti-climatic and "forced" more than surprising or exciting. Hell a portion of this book has our buddy Dave here trying to find a dentist to fix his mouth. It's the apocalypse dude, pull that thing out and move on. The last box of Twinkies is still out there. Once the final showdown came, roughly nine pages from the end, it was a brief struggle that led to an abrupt ending. Overall the series was okay but so many other novels and series' have improved upon this.